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Before and After

Take a look below at some of our work in action!

The installation of your new energy efficient air conditioning and heating system begins with the removal of your existing unit which is properly disposed of.  Your new system is hooked up to existing electrical and duct work, compliant with local building codes.  Subsequent to start up, our installers will check to make sure your new system’s temperature differential, air flow and water drainage are functioning properly while clean up is in progress.  Upon customer inspection, any questions of new system and thermostat are answered.

Rheem Unit Install

 For this particular job, we removed the two condensers from the patio and relocated them on the side of the house on new concrete slabs; freeing up space on the patio. We also replaced two air handlers, cleaning everything up and sealing it to provide an air tight seal to provide maximum performance.


before two condensers

The two condensers shown on the patio before we removed them.

concrete slabs

Two new concrete slabs before we put the new condensers on them.

air handler before

Old air handler in closet before we replaced it.


After we removed the two condensers from the patio.

The new condensers installed on the concrete slabs outside.

New air handler in closet after installation.